Monday, October 28, 2013

Mary, Mary quite contrary (seriously CONTRARY)...

...where do you spew your vile?  On the Internet, and in the sewer where all the cowards chew their bile.

Oh, why won’t Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals get a real job so I do not have to devote part of my valuable time correcting all of her lies and to point out how stupid, how horrendously stupid, she is? 

Here is Dumbin’ Cummins latest attempt to try and slander the lovely Amanda Lollar of Bat World fame. Maybe Mary Cummins wants to be voted the dumbest woman on the Internet along with being declared the most hated.  Or, maybe she just wants Lollar to sue her again to up that $6.1 million dollar judgment Lollar has against Cummins. 

In typical Mary Cummins fashion, totally classless and clueless, she attempts once again to go over old ground that we have already covered and which we have proven with heaps of evidence. Scummins gives us nothing to support her ridiculous maligning (yet again) of Amanda Lollar.  

I would like to take the time to give you a romp through the barren lands of Mary Cummins’ mind but it will just be easier to show you by using her own words.  From her latest post, as of 10-26-13: “Mary Cummins Bat World Sanctuary lawsuit information”, oh if that were only true!  Mary Cummins NEVER gives correct information but instead, in her usual hideous manner (since apparently she has been raised by roaches), she takes items out of context to make them appear other than their true meaning, and she repeatedly (annoying so as a judge recently told her) tries to rewrite history.  

Just because Mary Cummins wanted to win against Amanda Lollar, the facts are the facts and they have not changed – Cummins lost to Lollar in Texas (several times), she lost in California to Lollar (several times) and she is back in Texas to lose again to Lollar.  Everything she has ever stated about Lollar has been declared “egregious, malicious and intentional” defamation.  Mary Cummins really is dumb to try to keep beating this horse after 3 years. Although I love what a California judge recently told her – “You don’t know anything and I find you annoying; I find your motions annoying. Pay Amanda Lollar’s attorney fees and leave the woman alone.” When Cummins stated she was indigent and could not pay the attorney fees, the judge said, “Get a job and if you do not pay it in 90 days the judgment will follow you for 20 years!  20 years!!!!” 

Dumbin’ Cummins was ordered to not associate the words ‘animal cruelty’ with Amanda Lollar.  There is a permanent injunction in place stating this, but ole Dumbin’ Cummins insists on continuing her attacks with the same old, same old diatribe. Actually that is a good thing for Lollar because, according to VERY knowledgeable sources, it will land Scummins in jail for contempt since she has been repeatedly cited for contempt on this case already.  She is actually looking at 5 years.  That could be a good thing for Dummy Cummy as well because she claims she needs a back surgery from her nefarious activities (no doubt) and quite possibly she could secure a back surgery in jail.  Sounds like a country song, “Jailhouse Back”.

The idiot goes on to say that Bat World cannot handle bats with White Nose Syndrome.  Mary Cummins elevates herself to moron status with that statement! Bat World Sanctuary chairs the task force on the WNS committee for the USFWS in the 2013/2014 calendar.  You know, the USFWS, the ones who are running the entire program in order to save North America’s bats. God, it must really hurt to be as stupid as Mary Cummins. What is that expression that so succinctly describes Mary Cummins?  Oh yes, a malignant, puss-filled boil on the ass of society.

mary cummins mary cummins mary cummins internet troll

Oh, here is a good one from internet troll Dummy Cummy, “Bat World Sanctuary does not have a permit to exhibit bats”.  LMAO.  Ooooh, how stupid.  Bat World does not exhibit bats so why would they want a permit to do so?  They are licensed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the licenses they are required to have. Cummins then goes on to give her version of the history of Bat World. Can we say dumb, dumber, dumbest here? The history of Bat World is on their website for all to see, it has been written about in TPWD Magazine, by Animal, DFW Wildlife Coalition, it was featured on Animal Planet, Nickelodean, The Morning Show, David Letterman and the list goes on.  “The original Bat World was built in a furniture store.”  Duh.  She then goes on to state, “(the wild sanctuary) has been vacant for years.”  Double duh – why do you think the bats are there?  Because the building (top floor) was made vacant for them.  Apparently Dummy Cummy is not such a good real estate investigator after all because government agencies have rented the ground floor offices of the building (occupied) as well as a photographer (occupied), an insurance company (occupied), etc.  Geez, even I found that information.  

But on to the even more libelous things Mary Cummins has to say.  You know, the things that landed her with a $6.1M judgment against her sorry self.  Although, I do think it is in excess of $6.5M with interest now.  Surely they have seized Mary Cummins’ bank account by now.  Oh, that’s right, they did.  Case #BS140207 Sister State Judgment.  It appears poor little litigious Mary Cummins is even poorer now that the sheriff has her recent deposits.  Ha, ha.  Wait until the auction starts!  

The funniest thing of all is Mary Cummins’ ‘OPEN LETTER’ to Amanda Lollar.  Remember, Dumbin’ Cummins sought a restraining order against Lollar because, as she stated, “I fear for my life”.  She is so stupid.  She is presently appealing the case yet she writes an open letter to Lollar.  Amanda Lollar has filed police reports for terroristic threat & harassment against Mary Cummins but Cummins is writing to Lollar.  OMG, no wonder Mom, Sis and Dad will not have anything to do with Cummins, it is too embarrassing to be associated with such an idiot.  Like I have said before, you just cannot make this stuff up because it would be too unbelievable that anyone could possibly be that stupid. 

Look at this one:  I have no problem talking about Amanda Lollar to her face.”  OMG I no longer have to tell you how stupid Mary Cummins is, she just does it for me.  Cummins tried to get a restraining order against Lollar, she told the LAPD that she feared for her life but she openly and brazenly states that she has no problem talking to Lollar’s face! What a pathetic loser. Before reading about Cummins I would never have been convinced that anyone could possibly be so moronic. 
Look at this line from Dummy Cummy’s blog:  “Why else would you cause bats pain, suffering and death. That is what the main USDA veterinarian said about the horrible video of you trying to perform surgery on a conscious bat who goes into convulsions and dies along with her baby.” Mary Cummins needs to do a better FOIA or maybe the USDA is just sick ofher nonsense and not sending everything.  Who knows? The veterinarian of whom Cummins speaks allegedly wrote a letter of apology to Amanda Lollar.  It is my understanding that the vet viewed an altered version of the video, as she references, and consequently based her statement on that version. Since I have not seen a copy of it on the Internet I can only assume it is being held for a more strategic attack on Cummins. After all, numerous people testified that the pup was still born and the mother bat lived and was released. Speaking of which, did y’all see where Cummins’ long, lost Daddy contacted Amanda Lollar’s attorney to offer help in fighting Cummins?  I had noticed a while back that he started making posts on Cummins’ FB page (presumably to throw her off).  I can’t wait for that lid to blow off the old shackstead in Bel Aire.

Cummins continues her online conversation with Lollar, “The LAPD told me because you dropped out of school at age 13 if not younger you have some very serious social issues.”  Where is the proof of this?  Thirteen was a very busy year for Lollar, I must say, because according to Mary Cummins, Lollar dropped out of school, had rabie baby, murdered the baby and buried it, had an abortion, etc.  I guess Lollar was an overachiever even then!!!  LOL.  Oh, look at this comment from Cummins, “I showed them (LAPD) your nasty "anonymous" emails which are not anonymous. They stated that means you are also not very smart which goes hand in hand with mental illness.”  Truer words were never spoken and how ironic.  Mary, the poster child for mental issues has just stated she is not very smart.  One can actually go to the LAPD and get a copy of the police reports and the final disposition on the case.  The LAPD closed the case before it ever went to court!!  Yes, before the judge heard Cummins’ first “annoying” words, LAPD labeled Mary Cummins a malcontent with mental issues.  LOL.  You know, this is all there for the looking and obtaining yet Mary insists on blabbing her way into deeper debt.

More from Dummy, “(to Lollar) You are all by yourself except for the facebook friends you had to buy.”  This is unbelievable.  Look at Cummins’ numbers wherein for a solid year she begged people to join her Animal Advocates page to try to get to the 10,000 mark and overnight, amazingly she went from less than 10,000 followers to over 51,000, but here is the kicker – the majority of them are from Turkey and other third world countries.   Shame, shame on Mary, Mary. 

Oh, here is another one, “I wonder how the Bat World donors would feel with you taking their donations and spending over $1,000 to buy fans. How would they feel about you spending $20,000/month on legal fees to file silly motions against me which you lose?”  Last time I looked Lollar has not lost anything, not one single thing to Mary Cummins. Plus their financial records are out there for the world to see.  I guess Mary is just upset that her attorney, to whom she paid $5,000 took the money and DUMPED her sorry ass.  

“Everyone knows you don't have a job, have never had a paying job.”  Again, last time I looked Amanda Lollar is running the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated to bats and it is Mary Cummins who is INDIGENT!  This is getting old, you need to live a better life if you are going to attack decent people with falsehoods. There is too much information about Mary Cummins out there; it is too easy to find out things about her because of her career in the courtrooms.

Mary being vicious: (or so she thinks but by all appearances Lollar does not give a damn what Cummins says about her as long as she pays her the $6M sheowes her): “Does it make you sad and depressed to see me and my friends going to reunions and parties but you don't have any to go to because you didn't even go to high school?”  LMAO, OMG, by all accounts Cummins, as stated in her resume, graduated grammar school and is proficient in using the phone and typing!  I seriously, seriously doubt Lollar is not bending over with laughter with that remark.    Amanda Lollar has a thriving organization and Cummins has been reprimanded by CADFG for abusing animals in her 700 sq ft shack operation she runs out of her living room. 

Here was the tell all, folks, apparently Mary Cummins cannot stand the fact that so many have seen the pictures, with their own eyes, and recognize Cummins bought those boobs.   Although, as many have pointed out, it must have been at a discount operation since they are quite uneven and saggy. It would not make a bit of difference whether they are real or not except for the fact that Mary Cummins is trying to convince everyone that they are real.  Geez, Mary, we have eyes and can see for ourselves that you got a bad job on those things.   In her own words, “The collage you made of photos of my breasts while you call me flat chested really proves how incredibly mentally ill you are.” 

“You are obviously also a lesbian and incredibly jealous of me.”   First, I am insulted because I am the one who gave a before and after pic of her “natural beauty”.  You think Mary Cummins would try to improve herself once the lack of validity of her statements are shown to her but not our Dumbin’ Cummins.  No, she just wants to continue to make a fool of herself.   Amanda Lollar is the one who is married to a man and it is Mary Cummins’ obsessionwith Lollar and the fact that Cummins traveling companion is none other than Jennifer Conrad, DVM a woman (they share a lot) that may give rise to questions of sexuality preferences.  Seems Mary Cummins is the one who WANTS Amanda Lollar to be a lesbian because she WANTS Amanda Lollar to be attracted to her.  Gag, choke, spit.  Sorry, Ms. Lollar, as I know you are having a hard time with any image of Mary Cummins being associated with you at all. 

Hmmmmm.  Mary Cummins’ self projection onto Lollar is getting tiresome at this point.  Cummins is just through the bottom of the barrel and digging into the dirt beneath it at this point.

Stay tuned…Dumbin’ Cummins or Moronic Mary (since she elevated herself) will not stay quiet for long.  She will continue to provide us with hours of laughter (at least she has that going for her), since she is the butt of the joke.



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